Tears on Tape

Release Date: 
Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Finnish rock band HIM has been around since 1991 and have now produced an eighth studio album with Tears on Tape. This album is one that plays like a metal group, sounds like a rock band with an edge, and has some dark songs. When the first song “Unleash the Red” played I knew nothing of this band nor what kind of music I was going to be hearing. “Unleash the Red” has no vocals or lyrics being sung, it’s just a straight out instrumental song that starts off with some odd clicking sounds before the synthesizers start playing. My best description for this song can only be done with one word, epic. It feels and sounds like something big is going on and I’m a part of it and I liked it. Hearing this song I thought the album was going to be some sort of techno/electronica style songs that had no vocals but with the way it was played I had no problem with that.