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By Eric Drumm

Sequential Art and You.

Howdy pardners!
I’m Drumm.  I like comics.  
This here blog will be a place for you graphic narrative folks to get together, have a few laughs, air your gripes and maybe learn a thing or two.  
We are gonna have features, interviews, reviews and maybe a giveaway or two.  If we think a story sucks, we’re gonna tell you about it.  We think it rocks, we will make sure you do too.  If a creator stops by, you’ll hear it straight from the source.  Basically, if there is something rumbling around the comic scene, we are going have two cents about it.  From the big boys at Marvel and DC to indie publishers and imprints, we got it covered.  
Its going to be a strange and bumpy ride, so sit back and enjoy.
Its time to talk shop.