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Green Lantern new laws and Kevin Smith writes Green Hornet after all

I decided with this blog I will be sticking with a theme, that theme is the color green. Which if you’re wondering, green is my color of choice, if not, well, now you know. With that new info, or old, I will start off talking a little bit more on a subject that I’ve brought up before.

Green Lantern.

I just finished reading the story arc, The Sinestro Corps War. The last time I brought this up was when I was half way through the story plot and the Guardians of the Universe had given the order to allow the Green Lantern Corps to use lethal force. At first I didn’t really care for this plot twist. For me being a long time fan of the series, I didn’t like having the GL’s going around killing people. They are supposed to be the heroes, the ones that people look up to, the ones that are held to a different standard because they don’t kill. How is that supposed to be done now that they can kill?

That feeling was changed when I finished the story arc. What changed my mind was a line that was used where one of the GL’s say something about it’s no different than having a police officer kill if they have to. Which got me to think how true that statement was. I consider the people that become police officers to be heroes because they are doing what they think is right by keeping the criminals off the streets and yes at times they have to kill someone. So what makes it any different for these characters? Other than it being a fictional character that is, they are people that are in a police type job and they are even classified as officers. That means at times they will have to kill, don’t like it but it would make sense.

Now that I’m thinking in these terms, I don’t have as big of a problem with the characters killing. Get that part, not as big of a problem with it. What that means is that I have no problem with the other members of the Green Lantern Corps, as in the ones from other planets, doing the killing. The part I still have a problem with is the idea of Hal Jordan and even Guy Gardener killing anyone, alien or not. What about John Stewart you ask? Well, I don’t have such as a problem with him because he was in the military and being that he was a solider and was trained for a time where he might have to kill someone. Not only that but he was a sharpshooter. Hal and Guy are different because Hal was just a test pilot and Guy was going to become a lawyer. Hal just wanted to fly and Guy wanted to uphold the law, neither of which are people that have been trained to kill. Going into the Corps they had the power to take down the bad guys but without killing because the ring would stop them but now that is gone. If they want to kill they can and I think these characters should still be held in a higher standard and should not kill. Call me old fashioned but I like to have my comic book characters in a world where the good guy can win without having to resort to killing.

And though these little guys are blue they are my next topic and they have to do with Green Lantern, the Guardians. These are those little blue dudes that have been around since the beginning of time and have been watching over the universe since then. They are the ones that created the Green Lantern Corps to protect the universe and they are the ones that have wrote a book of laws. That book and those laws are what leads me into this part of the topic.

There are now 10 new laws that’s been wrote into the book of OA (for those that don’t know OA is the planet that’s at the center of the universe that has the power for the Green Lanterns and is where the Guardians live and is the base of the GL’s). The first law that was written and has been told is the lethal force rule. That one I just finished talking about. But what are the other 9 new laws? 
I don’t know!

At least not at this point in my reading but I’ve only made it to issue 26 of Green Lantern and issue 19 of Green Lantern Corps with around 55 issues total of both left to read before I’m caught up with the current issues. Now because I don’t go looking around on the net for information and I won’t talk to anyone at Dave’s Comics (where I get my comics) about what’s happened until I’ve read it, I don’t know what’s coming up. So for all I know they have revealed the other 9 laws but for all intents and purposes for me there has only been the one given.

That means I’ve been trying to figure out what these new laws might be. Before now there were only a handful of things I knew that the GL’s were not able or allowed to do. One being kill, again just went over that. Another is they were not allowed to enter into the Vega System. Why? I don’t know, but it’s off limits to them. The last one is one I’m iffy on. I think it’s one of the rules but I’m not 100% sure, but that is that a member of the Green Lantern Corps was not allowed to use the power for their own personal gain or illegal act. I might be wrong on that one but it’s one that I have always thought was one restriction of theirs and it kind of fits for them.
So what are these new rules? Can they enter into the Vega System now? Will they be allowed to use the power to get what they want? Don’t know but I will have to keep reading to find out, which is a sure bet on why DC Comics have revealed only one so far, to keep us reading.

Ok, another topic, that’s more back to the green theme, this one being Kevin Smith’s Green Hornet. He’s not writing the movie but he’s been writing a comic of the character Green Hornet and so far I’ve really been impressed. Kevin Smith has a way of writing where the lines that the characters are ones that seem like something I would be saying if I was in that situation. They’re more realistic and fleshed out, and just funny.

Issues 1-5 of the series are about the father, Britt Reid is the Green Hornet, the first one, who retires in the first issue. By the second we get to know his son Britt Reid, a rich spoiled kid that knows nothing about his father or who his father once was.

If you’ve seen the trailer to the upcoming movie this sounds like the same plot and so far it is. There is a new twist however. There’s a new Kato and this new one is a female. Don’t worry though she’s just as badass as the original Kato. When first being introduced to her she takes out guys with a ninja skill that would make Bruce Lee jealous. Which she is also on every cover so far and it’s not a surprise why, she’s a sexy drawn woman and on the covers she will help sell them, all of them. That’s right they have been doing the special covers, the limited covers, and what is called the every 1 in so and so number special cover which is for every say 25 regular cover issues the dealer buys they get 1 special cover and if they order 50 they get a different one, and so on. This can be a slippery slope because though the comic company gets their money the dealer has to buy a bunch of a issue that might not sell to get that one special cover that they will have a high price on. This can hurt the reader at times cause with the way things are now the dealer might not get as many of another title or worse titles or maybe none at all, which means if I get in late that day when the new titles come out I might miss out on getting one or some of the comics I want to read because of that one special cover that’s wanted and seeing 50 issues of the same title of a comic I might not even want in the first place sitting on the shelf instead. This is not the 90’s where an issue was still under $2.

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