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Dragon Con 2015 Part 1: Cosplay Costumes


Alright, so I'm finally able to get to writing my blog and getting it posted about my exploits while at Dragon Con 2015. Sorry it's taken so long to get to but I had other exploits to get to as soon as the con was over and I have just got back home to where life of work, bills, and no one in costume awaited me. But now I'm back, now I'm working on the many thousand photos I took, and have started my blogs, as you can see.

Which as you can also see this blog is title PART 1. I'm doing it in parts because instead of trying to get everything done in one blog that would be immense and too much to read at a time, I'm making it easier for you and me by doing parts. Each one will cover a different area of the con and what I did while there and what I saw. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I did going to the con, which this is tough to write and the photos even harder to look at because they make me want to be back at Dragon Con instead of being back to reality.

I'll start this blog with the thing everyone wants to see first, the costumes.



Dragon Con has become known as one of the most popular places to show off you cosplay skills and there is a reason for that. It's Dragon Con. Ok, maybe that don't fully explain, except for the regular con goers who would agree that that is the reason, but the reason why is simple.

1) Attendance of people, there's so many that it's a show, one that has been on both sides now can say it's so great to have the opportunity to get photos of the costumes and it's so much fun to walk around having people take my photo, say hey cool costume, or when a little kid points at you yelling out hey Spider-Man and really believing your Spider-Man, it's an awesome feeling.

2) There are no judgements here. Regardless of you costume, like mine where I was a first time try at being real cosplay that the costume didn't quite look that good but I still got compliments and no one judged.

3) Photo shoots, there's a photo shoot everywhere. Ones that are official to the ones that are being stopped while walking, flashes are always going off and as long as you respect the cosplayer and your fellow con goers, you can usually get some great photos or video and they will even pose for you.


So yeah, going to Dragon Con for the costumes is always my main draw as a photographer and each year I look forward to the next year so I can improve upon my photos being taken and next years will be even better as I save to get better equipment. At any rate the costumes this year where once again so insanely great.


One thing to know about the costumes at Dragon Con is that there is never enough time to see them all, or probably even half of them, and you will always be going wow I missed that one I wish I could have seen them. Another thing to know is that there are always some sort of shoot going on so if you have social media you need to start looking up the types of costumes you want to get photos of and you should be able to find a meet-up or a flash mob. For me that is always Harley Quinn and yes I found, well, I was told about by my friends, about a Harley Quinn flash mob that took place.


I got to it just in time and I was able to get these photos, and I got to say, I love Harley Quinn and these cosplayers did a very impressive job with their costumes.



Another thing to know about Dragon Con costumes is that there are a bunch of contests, shows, and even classes. Sunday is the big one with the masquerade ball contest where you can either go to it or watch it live on Dragon Con TV (and yes this is the only convention that I know of that has it's own station and shows dedicated to the con, which I will talk about in another blog so keep watching). This is the show that brings out some costumes that will literally put some huge budget movie costumes to shame. These year there was a dragon, yes a dragon that looked real, was like 15 feet tall, and was another example of the dedication, work, and money put into looking good while at Dragon Con.


There are also smaller contests going on for costumes, some that are open to any costume, some more specific about what costume theme to be shown. However if you don't know about making the costumes or just need help with getting yours touched up, there's rooms set up for just that. There are always a panel/group you can go to where they teach you some on making or doing costumes as well as ones where you can get help in fixing or finishing your own costume. Believe, the fixing one is a huge hit because as with life, when you wasn't at the con you never ran into a problem but as soon as you get to the con floor a button won't stay on. Like the now famous phrase, there's an app for that, well there's a room for that at Dragon Con.

But let me get back to what makes Dragon Con the best of the cons to see costumes by showing you.