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By Lee Roberts

SDCC is about to begin for 2017

It’s hard to believe that SDCC is only 2 days away from starting. How did the year go by so fast? I’m still trying to get money to get some of the 2016 exclusives and now I got to figure out how to get 2017 exclusives. Not that SDCC is only good for the exclusives, I try to get them because I can’t go to the actual con so I’m left with trying to buy the things that are from the con (which I’ll get into in another blog about the new meaning of exclusive), but there are so many things you can do at SDCC.

First off, there’s the guests that will be showing up. Here’s some of the guests that will be showing up.

Stan Lee

Paul Dini

Sergio Aragones

Jim Lee

Dustin Nguyen

Gail Simone

Jeff Smith

J. Michael Straczynski

Bruce Timm

Which is just a few but along with the guests there are the panels they will be going to as well as just all the events. These is the con that big announcements are made, where production companies bring the new trailers or the first images to be seen for films/tv shows, and bring the cast to talk and answer some questions.

I’m sure one of them that’s going to have people looking for is new Star Wars Last Jedi info, Thor Ragnarok, maybe something on the Dark Tower Gunslinger movie, or even anything for the future movies like Avengers, Justice League, The Flash, Batman, and so many more.

SDCC is a huge deal and it will produce a lot of information and cool stuff. What I find out will be passed along on here but just keep watching Shakefire for all kinds of cool news from SDCC.