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By Lee Roberts

Dragon Con 2018 App Is Live But How Do You Get It To Work

Yes, it's finally live! The Dragon Con 2018 app is here and ready for us to start fillig out our schedules. But how do you get it to work? If you are like me and I'm thinking a whole lot of other people, and you have the 2017 app on your device, then you might noitce that it is not showig 2018. Well, that's easy to fix. Just scroll down on the home page, look on the bottom to see the button that says About Dragon Con 2017, and click it. It will load another page that will have conventions on it and there will be a button to push for 2018. Push it, and then it will update the app to 2018.

It might have changed since last night and there might be another way that it can be done, but that's how I got mine to work. I will post more about Dragon Con itself in another blog where I discuss some of the fun things to do and some helpful tips to remember when going to the con.