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What a Croc! (Fashionista Mamacita)

Speaking of ugly shoes, I'll admit it, I own a pair of Crocs and a hot pink pair at that. Now, luckily I'm can say they were free, but that doesn't necessarily make up for the horrible outward appearance they project.

I generally only leave the house dressed as if the paparazzi are going to be taking my picture. I'm not saying heels and tranny makeup to Wal-Mart, but presentable for the occasion none the less. As I've mentioned before my style habits have changed with the addition of kids, but I refuse to let that keep me from expressing myself fashionably.

So why succumb to Crocs you ask? If you can find me a pair of shoes that are waterproof, slip on, can be worn with pants or shorts, with or without socks, all while covering a chipped pedicure, then bring it on. Until then, I'll continue to wear my crocs to the mailbox, running errands or anytime I think I can pull it off. I even got some for my kids. Granted they were an off brand. But hey, I'm not shelling $40 for a pair of shoes that will get worn less than a year, no matter how comfortable and convenient they are. Point is, I'm not so shallow and fashion conscience that I won't allow myself the comfort and convenience of wearing Crocs (as long as they match what I'm wearing).

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