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Glee S2E4 - Duets

Glee S2E4 - Duets

This week was one of my favorite episodes EVAR! Although kind of a filler episode it had some killer songs!!  Mr. Shue challenges the club with a contest, the two who do the best duet wins a dinner certificate to a local restaurant called Breadsticks (they literally cannot stop bringing you breadsticks). So Puck is in Juvie, enter Sam

Queue instant chemistry between Sam and Quinn... and Kurt.  Kurt is convinced he's on Team Gay and his hair is dyed, so he asks Sam to do a duet with him. Sam agree's.  Meanwhile Santana and Brittany are making out and deciding what to sing.  Brittany wants to do a Melissa Etheridge song and Santana reminds her that shes only making out with her because Puck is in Juvie and she needs to be gettin her mack on.

So Santana schemes with Mercedes to do a duet together while Brittany uses Artie to get back at Santana.  Meanwhile, Finn is trying to convince Kurt to lay off Sam and he and Rachel are also scheming to lose the competition so Sam stays in the club.  After Sam gets a slushi thrown in his face, Finn convinces Kurt to lay off and Sam and now Quinn and Sam are doing a duet.  Sam tries to kiss Quinn, she runs off


Santana & Mercedes: Mountain High River Deep - Tina Turner

Kurt & Kurt: Le Jazz Hot - Julie Andrews (Victor/Victoria)

Tina & Mike: Sing! - A Chorus Line

Finn & Rachel: a very offensive, but absolutely hilarious Born Again - Billy Preston & Syreeta

Sam & Quinn: Lucky - Jason Mraz & Colbie Calliat

Kurt & Rachel: Happy Days Are Here Again/Come on Get Happy - Barbra Streisand

Quinn and Sam win and Quinn starts a first date with Sam... awww

And thats what you missed, this week on Glee.


Omg, SO excited for this episode!!

Song List:

Science Fiction/Double Feature
Dammit Janet
What Ever Happened to Saturday Night
Sweet Transvestite
Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch Me
Over at the Frankenstein Place
The Time Warp

Whos Whom?

Sam - Rocky
Brad - Finn
Janet - Rachel
Mercedes - Frank N Furter
Kurt - Riff Raff
Tina - Partygoer
Quinn - Partygoer
Mike - Eddie
Brittany - Columbia
Santana - Magenta
Artie - Dr. Scott

I'm so excited I can hardly contain myself!! Did I mention that I *LOVE* this movie? So bring your toast, rice and TP. LETS DO THE TIME WARP!!