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Glee S2E6 - Never Been Kissed

Glee S2E6 - Never Been Kissed

Music and singing was really in the background this episode, the main focus was Kurt and his newfound friends and with it, the courage to stand up to bullying.  There were a couple subplots; Puck is back and taking Artie under his wing and teaching him the ways to Juvie and the kids find a new way to "cool down" with their respective partners.  When faced with the frustration of Quinn not putting out, Finn lets Sam in on his little cool down method. Think of something so horrible that it breaks the mood.  In Finn's case, its the time he hit a mail carrier with his car.  Sam finds that picturing Coach Bieste in compromising positions and clothing gets the job done so he lets others in the Glee club in on his new finding. 

This all comes to a head when they start telling Coach Bieste to stay away from their boyfriends/girlfriends.  This prompts Mr. Shue to ask Sam whats going on and is appalled.  He tells them to stop, that what they're doing is horrible and if Coach Bieste ever found out it would be devestating.  Well, Coach Bieste eventually asks Mr. Shue whats up and feeling like its the right thing to do, he tells her.  Coach Bieste quits and Sue gets her confetti cannons back.  Meanwhile, Kurt is sick and tired of all the gay jokes and harrassment so half spying he goes to a rival all boys school where he meets Blaine. 

Instantly smitten, Kurt opens up to Blaine about what he deals with and that gives him the courage to stand up to his bully wheres he met by an unexpected yet expected kiss (you can't be THAT homophobic if you dont got a little gay in ya).

On to Puck.  Fresh out of Juvie, Puck's community service is working with a handicapped person.  He shows Artie how to hustle, by singing One Love

and bullying people into throwing money into the guitar case, generally be a jerk to women and dine and dash (Artie ends up paying anyway).  When Puck is faced with going back to juvie or pick up trash on the side of the highway, he confesses to Artie how much he hated juvie.  So Artie makes him a deal, if Puck picks up trash he'll tutor him in Geometry.   Coach Bieste confesses to Will that she's not a lesbian and she's never been kissed. So he kisses her

and tells her to come to the auditorium where the guys sing her a mashup of Free Your Mind and Stop in the Name of Love.  And thats pretty much it... oh, the girls sang Livin' on a Prayer.

This was a great episode, tackling a lot of issues teenagers face everyday.  It was nice to have a Kurt centric episode that wasnt overly stereotypical.

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