Skulduggery Pleasant

Release Date: 
Tuesday, April 3, 2007
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Skulduggery Pleasant is a magician, a detective, oh, and a skeleton. Notonly that he is one of the good guys in a world of magic that is constantlyon the verge of being thrown into chaos and possibly the worlds last hope.  Our story begins when Stephanie's eccentric Uncle Gordon dies and sheunexpectedly inherits his home. When she decides to spend the night alone inher Uncles home she is cast into an unknown world of danger when a strangeman breaks in and she is saved by the skeleton detective Skulduggery Pleasant. From there she makes the choice to delve deeper and deeper intothe world of magic and she soon realizes how very fragile the nature ofpeace in her world depends on the on going peace in the magical world.  Unfortunately a plotting sorcerer intends to end the truce between good andevil and free the Faceless Ones, God's of a ruthless nature, to create aworld better suited to his dark ways. A handful of strange and interesting characters stand in his way as he form