Brand X: Live at the Roxy LA 1979

1979 concert at the peak of the bands career w/Phil Collins (Genesis), Percy Jones, John Goodsall & Robin Lumley ... Read more

Sexy Delicious: Too Hot To Bother

Who is Sexy Delicious? No that's not a pick up line or my ego trying to assert itself but the name of a band that has released their second album. Too Hot To Bother is the title to their second album where they play what they have called gangster jazz.... Read more

Brass-A-Holics: I Am A Brass-A-Holic

The Brass-A-Holics have become a hot ticket in the New Orleans and Washington D.C. areas proving to be amongst the elite in musical talent and stage presence. Three years in the making and the Brass-A-Holics are ready to release their highly anticipated debut album.... Read more

Narada Michael Walden: Thunder 2013

Well known musician Narada Michael Walden has a new album coming out called Thunder 2013 with a track listing of 15 songs. The man has worked with such famous artists as Ray Charles, Aretha Franklin, and Whitney Houston.... Read more

The Vernons: Volume 1

In the last few days I've listened to 2 bands originating from other parts of the world. This second group, The Vernons, hail from Australia, are a young band that has a sound that is not young at all.... Read more

Billy Cobham: Compass Point

When I think about jazz I think of trumpets, horns, drums, and some electric guitar playing some blues with a kick.... Read more