Detention Of The Dead

On DVD: 
Tuesday, July 23, 2013
Running Time: 
87 minutes

High school is such a hard place to be at. There's the pressures of making good grades, having to fit in, being in love with a girl of your dreams that you can't have, and even worring about the bullies beating you up. When Eddie (played by Jacob Zachar) is given detention, he finds outs that he will be spending that time in the same room with the girl of his dreams, the head cheerleader Janet (played by Christa Allen). Only problem though is Brad (played by Jayson Blair) is the bully that's always picking on him. Life couldn't get any worse for Eddie then having to spend detention watching the girl he loves make out with the guy that torments him, except for when the zombies take over the school that is. Trapped in the schools library, Eddie and the small group of kids must fight for survival as zombies run a muck in the school wanting only to eat them.