Three 'ER' alums cast in pilots

Three "ER" alums have booked pilots.

David Lyons has landed the lead in NBC's drama pilot "The Cape," Shane West is set to star opposite Maggie Q in the CW's drama pilot "Nikita," and Laura Innes has joined NBC's drama pilot "The Event."

"Cape" centers on Vince Faraday (Lyons), a former cop set up as a criminal who becomes a masked hero, The Cape, to clear his name and reunite with his son. Lyons played Simon Brenner on the final season of NBC's medical drama "ER."

"Nikita" centers on Nikita (Maggie Q), who is being trained to replace the original assassin after she goes rogue. West, who played Ray Barnett on "ER," will play the agent in charge of recruitment sent to bring in the rogue Nikita.

On the conspiracy thriller "Event," Innes, who portrayed Kerry Weaver for 14 years on "ER," will play the mysterious inmates' leader at a secret facility.

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