Gus Van Sant Wanted For Breaking Dawn?

The Twilight franchise has turned into such a box office juggernaut that we’d bet good money Summit could hire almost any director to make either one or two – depending on if they split the book’s sprawling plot in half – movies out of fourth instalment Breaking Dawn. So they can spread the net pretty wide when it comes to seeking people out, even to those you might not think would ever touch Stephenie Meyer’s stories. How wide? Try Sofia Coppola, Gus Van Sant and Bill Condon.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Summit has put calls in to all three (with Van Sant’s people confirming that he’s had talks), showing that it really is going wider this time around.

Naturally, they’ll all want to wait and see what screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg has fashioned from Meyer’s… let’s charitably call it odd… final tome, which (contractual spoiler alert!) features Bella and Edward finally getting hitched and facing new issues when their first born nearly kills her mother and brings the wrath of the Volturi upon them all. Tch… Kids, eh?

And we’d bet these three are just the tip of the likely Dawn director iceberg. Even now, Uwe Boll is waiting by his phone, staring at it with the hope of making it ring just through magical brainpower alone.

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