Joaquin Phoenix rapping mockumentary ready for release?

So remember that period back in 2009 when Joaquin Phoenix was allegedly losing his marbles, quitting acting and forging ahead on an ill-advised rap career? It was clear to pretty much everybody it was all a bullshit hoax being filmed by Phoenix's brother-in-law Casey Affleck for some kind of film project. Guess what? It was a bullshit hoax being filmed by Casey Affleck for some kind of film project!

Affleck and his agents showed off the finished film (described as a mockumentary) to prospective buyers last week. Though word of the screening (which was supposed to be top secret) leaked to the press, Affleck, Phoenix and their reps are hoping to keep all details of the film under wraps to preserve the film's "shock value." Um, is there any shock value left? We all saw him piss off Letterman and we all saw his terrible debut as a rapper (that culminated in him falling off the stage. What exactly needs to be preserved here? From Day One this has been one of the worst-kept secrets.

Harvey Weinstein was one of the attendees but it's unclear if his Weinstein Co. has any interest in the film. I think a better question is whether YOU have any interest in this film...

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