De Niro Part Of The Killer Elite

With the likes of Jason Statham and Clive Owen already aboard, action pic The Killer Elite already had the makings of a great cast. And now it’s boosting the star power even further, with Robert De Niro signing on.

Moviehole has confirmed that De Niro will take the role of Hunter, the mentor to Statham’s character (who despite earlier reports does not seem to be playing quite as villainous a character as we thought). Part of the story finds him kidnapped, with Statham blackmailed into killing another man to secure his release.

The overall plot finds SAS officers fighting off a hired band of assassins who specialise in killing trained targets while making their deaths look like accidents. It’s all based on Ranulph Fiennes’ book The Feather Men.

And the cast has grown even further, adding Lachy Hulme, Ben Mendelsohn, Aden Young, Firass Dirani, and, best of all in our opinion, Yvonne Strahovski of TV's Chuck.

Gary McKendry is already busy orchestrating the madness in Melbourne. 

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