Brad Pitt To Star In World War Z

Max Brooks, author of ace zombie pandemic faux-history World War Z, is at Comic-Con and revealed to MTV that Brad Pitt has been confirmed to star in the film adaptation of his globe-trotting work. Yes, such news has been rumoured ever since Pitt's production company, Plan B, won the rights to the movie, but according to Brooks it's now set in stone.

The book's story is told through a series of first-person accounts gathered by an unnamed researcher looking into the origins, spread and scope of a zombie pandemic that killed off (or rather un-killed off) most of the world's population. That structure's going to have to be changed for the film, of course, or the only thing the lead character would do is sit and nod occasionally between stories. Still, let's hope they keep some of the best bits.

The script has been written by J. Michael Straczynski (of Babylon 5 and Changeling fame) and rewritten by Matthew Michael Carnahan (State of Play, The Kingdom). Marc Forster is, of course, still planning to direct. Roll on the outbreak of War, we say.

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