Riley Keough Up For Mad Max: Fury Road

It might have hit a snag in terms of its shooting schedule (it’s lost rumoured cast members and now doesn’t plan to kick off until early next year), but George Miller’s Mad Max: Fury Road is still dragooning in actors, with Riley Keough now in talks to nab a role in the movie.

According to the Heat Vision blog, the plot is still largely a secret, though the film is thought to take place shortly after Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome, so the character can still be age appropriate for star Tom Hardy, who chatted about the role back in June.

One of Max’s big tasks in the movie will be to protect a group of women known as the Five Wives. Keough is up to play one of them alongside the already-cast Adelaide Clemens and Zoe Kravitz (keeping up a rock tradition there, since Kravitz is Lenny’s daughter and Keough is Elvis’ granddaughter). Teresa Palmer is still listed among the group, though she’s said that she not in the movie. We suppose there’s still time.

As for those who are definitely committed, Charlize Theron and Nicholas Hoult are on board.

Keough’s acting career so far has been limited to music biopic The Runaways, though she’s also shot indie The Good Doctor with Orlando Bloom and is in the middle of production on lesbian werewolf tale Jack and Diane.

With the cast about to be put through their paces with a strenuous training regime, expect them all to be complaining of sore muscles by this time next year, and see them in our cinemas by 2012.

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