Mark Ruffalo is the new Hulk

Here's a tiny tidbit of Avengers news for ya: Mark Ruffalo told New York Magazine's Vulture blog that he will be playing the Hulk as well as Bruce Banner in the planned film. In other words, he'll be donning the ping-pong-ball covered jumpsuit of the performance-capturer to act out all the Hulk's actions onscreen.

"I'm really excited. No one's ever played the Hulk exactly, they've always done CGI... They're going to do the Avatar stop-action, stop-motion capture. So I'll actually play the Hulk. That'll be fun."

We're pretty sure that Edward Norton and Tim Roth did use motion-capture on The Incredible Hulk, but this may simply mean that they're using the next level up of performance capture this time around - or that Ruffalo hasn't watched the DVD extras on the previous film. He also had a little on his take on Banner:

""I really love the first TV version of it, the Bill Bixby one. I'm gonna shoot for that a little bit. He was an everyman in it. He's always on the run and trying to find love. It's really a sympathetic character, before he turns into the Hulk and fucks everything up."

The Avengers is due out on May 4, 2012.

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