Sharlto Copley Targeting Old Boy

Christian Bale, Clive Owen and Colin Firth have all mused on it and passed, so it's now the turn of Sharlto Copley to consider the villain role in Spike Lee's reworking of Old Boy.

Casting for the project has been happening at a glacial pace so far, with Josh Brolin signing on for the Oh Dae-su part last August, and Elizabeth Olsen bagging Mi-do at the end of February (again, after other actresses including Rooney Mara and Mia Wasikowska had opted out). We don't know what the Westernised names are yet, so we'll stick with the originals for now. It sounds from Variety's story as if Mi-do has migrated from being a sushi chef to a "case worker".

Copley then, would finally complete the casting triumvirate at the top of the movie, in the role formerly known as Woo-jin. That's the guy behind Brolin's mysterious fifteen-year imprisonment, who's going to kill Olsen if Brolin doesn't figure out what's going on.

Mark Protosevich has eight volumes of manga to draw from in his screenplay, and they don't much resemble the Park Chan-wook classic, so there's potential for this to be a very different film (hence its already Old Boy rather than Oldboy). There still doesn't seem to be a solid start date, but shooting is planned to start "soon".

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