Dakota Fanning Romances Kevin Kline

Fear not, faithful reader. We have not suddenly gone all LA tabloidly with scandals about older actors dating starlets or what coffee enema is all the rage among the A-list* these days. No, we’re simply bringing word that Dakota Fanning has landed the female lead alongside Kevin Kline in Errol Flynn film The Last Of Robin Hood.

Kline will be playing Flynn in his final years before he died of a heart attack at the age of 50. But in those remaining months, he romanced teenage actress Beverly Aadland, who was at his side when he died.

The affair, which began in 1957 when Flynn met Aadland on the Warner Bros. lot, led to him securing a part for her in 1959’s Cuban Rebel Girls. This was all while he was A) still married to fellow actress Patrice Wymore and B) followed by rumours after being cleared of statutory rape charges in 1942.

Quinceanera co-directors Richard Glatzer and Wash Westmoreland wrote the script and are planning to direct. Susan Sarandon will be playing Beverly’s pushy stage mother Florence, who wrote tell-all book The Big Love about the affair.

Fanning is currently promoting Very Good Girls at Sundance and will also appear in Effie and Night Moves.


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