Footprint Network Launches The Dark Zone Channel

Footprint.TV, the network behind the award-winning webseries ADULTish, has launched its newest channel that caters to all things paranormal, just in time for Halloween. The Dark Zone features some of the most popular personalities within the paranormal community including Dave Schrader (Darkness Radio, Coast to Coast), Susan Slaughter (Ghost Hunters Academy, Ghost Hunters International) Karl Pfeiffer (Ghost Hunters Academy) Patrick Doyle (Ghost Mine), Kristen Luman (Ghost Mine) and Jay Verburg (Ghost Mine).

Premiering this Halloween is Susan Slaughter’s five-part series Hipster Haunts, which has her exploring and investigating the most haunted hot spots in the trendiest parts of L.A. Also coming soon is the series Is It Real?, a show that breaks down and examines the most popular and prolific paranormal evidence videos circulating the web. The Dark Zone’s team of experts will analyze and give their professional and informed insight as to whether these videos are real or fake.

Also in the pipeline is Kristen Luman’s mini-series The Haunted Mind, which explores the way the human brain perceives paranormal encounters, and later this year, Tales from the Dark Zone will be unleashed. On Tales, our paranormal experts share their most frightening on-the-job encounters, which will be illustrated by animated recreations that will bring their terrifying stories to life.

Check out everything The Dark Zone has to offer exclusively on Footprint.TV or its official website, TheDarkZone.TV.

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