Playstation 3

Alice Madness Returns

It’s been close to eleven years since auteur games director,... Read more

Red Faction: Armageddon

If there’s one question that developers surely consider before making a sequel, it’s probably: rinse and repeat or start afresh? The number of identikit sequels around points to the former being the safest bet; however, isn’t that a bit boring? ... Read more


There are two things I found remarkable about my last online outing in Brink: one was the number of fetishistic gas masks on show, which surely says something about Brink’s “expressive” community, and two, I didn’t kill anyone, which most definitely says a lot about my playing style. ... Read more

MX Vs. ATV Alive

THQ is conducting an interesting experiment with MX vs. ATV Alive. The company has released the bare bones, the core game essentially, to us at an affordable price with the expectation that we’ll complete our package with DLC. ... Read more

Yakuza 4

It’s only been a year since Sega launched Yakuza 3 in the West, so it’s no surprise that Yakuza 4 feels very familiar. ... Read more

PlayStation Move Heroes

PlayStation Move Heroes: the title is clear and unambigious, most likely targeting poor old grandparents out shopping for their grandchildren. Little Billy got Move for his birthday and he needs a game for it.... Read more

Chime Super Deluxe

 Development studio Zoë Mode originally released Chime early last year, but unfortunately the game didn’t ever make its way to the PS3.... Read more


 Swarm is the latest game from Canadian developer Hothead Games, and is available now on PSN.... Read more

Crysis 2

“BE STRONG. BE FAST. BE INVISIBLE. BE THE WEAPON”. That’s EA’s slogan for Crysis 2, to prepare us for this suped-up, sci-fi first-person shooter. It wouldn’t sound out of place in an eighties action flick, but, then again, neither would Crysis 2. ... Read more


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