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Wanna see this movie. Looks cool.The Purge

My Top Graded MoviesGrades: 9

RankMovieMy GradeSF User Grade
1The Hunger GamesA+B+
2The Devil Wears PradaA+A+
3The Hunger Games: Catching FireA+A+
4Hansel and Gretel: Witch HuntersA+A+
5So UndercoverA+A+

My Top Graded AlbumsGrades: 1

RankAlbumMy GradeSF User Grade
1Katy Perry: Teenage Dream: The Complete ConfectionA+A+

My Top Graded TV ShowsGrades: 9

RankTV ShowMy GradeSF User Grade
1The AmericansA+-
3Boardwalk EmpireA+A+
4Gossip GirlB+C+
5Game of ThronesB+B+

My Top Graded GamesGrades: 2

RankGameMy GradeSF User Grade
1Metal Gear Rising: RevengeanceC+B+
2Transformers: Fall Of CybertronC-C-

My Top Graded BooksGrades: 3

RankBookMy GradeSF User Grade
1The Black Box (A Harry Bosch Novel)B+B+
2Villa TristeB+B+
3Alice in ZombielandC+C+