School chums Chris Brown and Peter Charell absorbed the heavy rock sound of Korn, Soundgarden, and Metallica during the mid-'90s. Both were music geeks and naturally flirted with the idea of getting a group together. Casual gigs in school motivated them even more, leaving Brown and Charell to design what would become Trapt. In 1997, fellow guitarist Simon Ormandy joined the band. The trio recorded its own demo and landed gigs in and around the suburbs of southern California. Within a year, Trapt were opening up for the likes of Papa Roach, Dredg, and Spike 1000, but high-school graduation loomed ahead.

3 things that you have to have backstage?

We always need a bottle of Jameson Whisky, a boom box blasting Pantera and beers of various assortment.

Have you ever seen a mime in person?

No, but I would love to have a silent conversation with one.

Something you would like to try and finish before the New Year?

A trek to Alaska, we are playing in Juneau Dec 20th!

What makes you feel trapped?

Rules and regulations, ha.

Have you ever attended a convention?

I've been to Namm a few times and I once walked through a vertically challenged convention.

What do you find refreshing?

Artists who do their art for the love of art.

What 3 items would you like MacGyver to try and make an explosive out of?

String cheese, aluminum foil and hot sauce

Does drama follow you?

Ha, I hope not.

You opted to go independent after being on a major label, how has the transition going?

Lots of hard work, that is for sure. It feels the same as being on a big label. We work with a lot of the same people who have always promoted trapt, so we get a lot of the same love as we got on a major.

On your Facebook page you mention working on your next album, how far into the process are you?

Have lots of music and lyrics going. Just trying to put the pieces together.

Interview by Kara Johnson