In Theatres: 
Mar 09, 2007
Running Time: 
117 Minutes

The song that can be heard in the various trailers is Nine Inch Nails' "Just Like You Imagined" from their 1999 double album "The Fragile"

When I saw the first trailer for 300 I knew that I had to see this movie. Very rarely do I strive to go to an actual theater to watch a movie as I spend most of my work day with headphones on watching DVD after DVD; but this one stood out. And I have to say I do not regret for one moment seeing this on the big screen. The trailers allude to a dark violent world filled with mythical creatures and non-stop battle and that is close to what you get. In fact I am glad it wasn’t just what the trailers lead you to believe.

Just in case you don’t know the story here is a quick summary for you. Leonidas is king of the strong and proud Spartan race. Inspected at birth and thrown away if they are deformed are marked, trained from birth, and sent out to survive on their own in the wild when they are just young boys Spartan’s are truly supreme in their courage and fighting skills. So when Xerxes king of the Persian’s send word that he wants Sparta to rule Leonidas takes a stand and refuses to give in. Taking only 300 Spartans due to the government’s refusal to back him, he marches towards the Persian to make a stand that will be talked about for ages.

I was expecting the movie to start off in full blown war; but when it didn’t I was glad. Instead you get a quick but complete background on Sparta, Leonidas, his wife, and their beliefs. But soon you will get what you are craving; intense battle scenes, blood, and powerful characters. They switch up the story by going between the battle and life back in Sparta. But if this sounds boring don’t fear. In Sparta you have a Queen that matches Leonidas in strength, bravery, and intelligence. Finally a woman worth screen time.

The story is matched with beautiful, unique, and award winning cinematography. Watching 300 is like nothing else that you have ever seen. In fact there is really nothing I could think of to compare it too without some how making 300 seem like less of a movie. But if you need a comparison to help you out I will try. Take the beauty of Gladiator (when it first came out), the new style of The Matrix (when it first came out), a little bit of Sin City (not only because of Frank Miller) mix them together and then multiply it by a 1,000 and you will still not get even close to what I thought of 300. The battle scenes are intricately choreographed. This teamed up with the mixture of slow motion and normal speed give you a better look at just how much work went into it not to mention violent yet somehow breath taking scenes.

However there are a few little things you will need to be ready for when going to view it. There is lots of blood, chopped of limbs, and people impaled; so it is not for the squeamish but it was perfect for me. And then the final thing. The Spartans are ripped, sure there maybe some make-up to make it more obvious but they are ripped none the less. So if you take a girlfriend or girl to this movie be prepared for them to be starring intensely at the screen and perhaps not remember much of the story afterwards. But seriously don’t let that distract you from what is really going on. This is one of the few movies that is deserving of the title “Epic Film” unlike so many others that had it attached.

Review by Pandora
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