An Education

An Education

In Theatres: 
Oct 09, 2009
Running Time: 
1 Hour, 40 Minutes

Taken from the memoirs of British journalist Lynn Barber and written for the screen by Nick Hornby (About A Boy, High Fidelity) An Education is a coming of age tale that is rich with emotion and translates seemingly perfect to the big screen. A budding relationship between a young woman and an older man, An Education takes the societal expectations of propriety in the 1960’s towards young women and the seductive illusions of glamour. Stars Peter Sarsgaard (Jarhead), Emma Thompson (Sense and Sensibility), Dominic Cooper (Mama Mia), Rosamund Pike (Surrogates), Cary Mulligan (Pride and Prejudice), and Alfred Molina (Prince of Persia).

Exceedingly well written by Hornby, directed by Lone Scherfig, and acted out by this stellar cast. From the moment the film begins, with its odd and quirky soundtrack, your simply charmed. You instantly understand the scenario; young girl in an almost stoic societal-driven family has her future laid out for her and despite her own hopes and dreams goes along with it until she meets a charming older man who opens the world up to her. It’s very slippery ground and you know it but you simply cannot stop yourself from feeling happy for her and indulge in the taboo relationship and scenario’s she finds herself in. Your won over by every facet of the wrongness of it all, and in a way this all comes to fruition with a nudge from a deep seeded rebellion some of you might not of thought you had in you. When you see the way she is being raised and how easily fooled by the persuasion of status her parents are you simply give in. Amazingly set and acted there is no part of this film that does not make you believe.

Peter Sarsgaard is amazing in this picture. He’s spot on charming revealing just a hint of caution about him. The chemistry between himself and Mulligan is never to be doubted in the entire run of the film. Alfred Molina captures the essence of fatherhood working almost all angles to make sure that his daughter meets expectations but also portrays a loving father figure with a mood of understanding about him. Though this film represents a life lived (that of Lynn Barber) it is escapism in a way as you will smile and laugh through most of it but the power of the film is realization. An Education is a proper title for the film as anyone old enough to have been in a serious meaningful relationship will see the danger signs at first glance but find themselves, like always, giving in to the lure of romance, joy, and freedom, and like in life you will endure the rollercoaster ride and inevitably be delivered from the clouds.

AJ Garcia
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