Beatles: Big Beat Box

Beatles: Big Beat Box

On DVD: 
Wednesday, January 2, 2002
Running Time: 
105 minutes

Beatles fans will definetely be tempted to get this for their collection; but don't jump at it too quickly. Beatles Big Beat Box contains actual newsreels and interviews from the UK, USA and Australia.

It captures the sheer hysteria of the fans and the extent they were willing to go to meet the Beatles. Hotels selling sheets, cars being mobbed and girls screaming...lots of girls screaming. It will bring back memories for those that witnessed the Beatles and enlightened those who were not born yet. Beatbox footage is backed by Beatles songs covered by other artists, such as The Overtures (who try too much to sound like the Beatles). A CD accompanies the DVD with other Beatles tunes. Most are instrumental. The CD isn't half bad and it is interesting to hear other bands' interpretations of these classic songs. The biggest problem though with the DVD is the footage is not the best that is out there and they fail to put any interviews with the acutal Beatles on the DVD. While the professional collector will have to have this in their collection the normal fan will probably get no real enjoyment out of it.

Review by Pandora
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