Billy Bathgate & Blaze + Nixon - Triple Feature

Billy Bathgate & Blaze + Nixon - Triple Feature

On DVD: 
Tuesday, June 26, 2012
Running Time: 
437 minutes

No doubt since the rise of Blu-Ray, probably long before that, DVD has done all it can to stay relevant. One of the oldest tricks in the book was for the format to lump together a few movies for the low price of just one. Apparently the trend is still alive with Mill Creeks triple feature of Nixon/Billy Bathgate/Blaze coming to you in one collection on two disc all for the incredibly low price of $6.79 over at Amazon. So what does the set have to offer?

Nixon was directed by Oliver Stone back in 1995 and starred Anthony Hopkins as the titular character, along with a slew of familiar faces in fairly odd roles. The draw here is that the film is a new director’s cut, or so it says so on the cover, and has had 28 minutes added to its run time (upon further review there has already been a version of this film with the same additions). I was never really a big fan of Stone’s Nixon so that doesn’t really help me. 
Billy Bathgate was an under whelming gangster film released in 1991. I remember renting it at this place we used to call Blockbuster and watching it in it’s entirety, then moving on. The casting was bizarre, the story a bit done to death, and all together just a forgettable film. 
Finally we have Blaze, a film not even my older friends know anything about. I like Paul Newman though so I gave it a shot. One word, dated. I’m starting to see why this collection sells for peanuts. Still, if you’re a fan of any one of the films here you’re still getting a bit of a steal with two more films tossed into the mix.
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