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Tuesday, January 6, 2015
I’ve been a huge Pirates fan since, well The Goonies (I know, I know) and since the Disney burn out of their Pirates series (of which I only enjoyed the first) I’ve been itching for something great and living off my Cutthroat Island DVD. Thank goodness for Starz and, dare I say it, Michael Bay(who produces the series). 
Black Sails takes place (as has been noted several times) 20 years before Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island. It follows Captain Flint and his crew as they try to track down the Spanish treasure galleon Urca De Lima, a ship whose coordinates have been found in a manuscript aboard a conquered ship along with a scheming “ships cook” named John Silver.
What’s so amazing about the show is that there is no real waste of time on back story with the characters. Anyone whose ever read Treasure Island or seen any of the live action or animated iterations know who Captain Flint and John Silver are and what their motives are. Instead the show focuses on the world of piracy. The pirate haven of New Providence that was created by Richard Guthrie and is somewhat governed by his daughter Eleanor Guthrie. The relationships between the men and their captains and the rules of pirates both on land and sea. The best aspect has to be the thin veneer of trust and or love between each person on the show and how it hangs on a very thin thread between passion and betrayal. 
What draws you in are the fantastic sets, authentic looking costumes and the passion the cast conveys through their characters. Though I really didn’t care for Toby Stephens in the short lived cop comedy Vexed, he really outdoes himself as the highly motivated Captain Flint. Hannah New manages to pull off the thin line between vulnerable and vicious with Eleanor Guthrie, and Zach McGowan makes Charles Vane ominously dangerous by portraying him as mysteriously distant but utterly violent and bloodthirsty. 
The DVD set includes a handful of bonus features such as:
~An Inside Look: This feature focuses on the history behind the show and that histories guidance that lead to the show shooting in certain locations.
~Dressed To Kill: Obviously about the shows wardrobe choices. 
~Pirate Camp: Probably my favorite of the bonus features that has the cast talking about the training they had to go through when trying out for main leads. Kind of reminds me of what the Wachowski’s did with their crew during The Matrix. 
~Folklore Is Finished: An interesting take on how the shows characters are molded from historical accuracies but also how they represent people of today in contrast with authority. 
~A Place In History
~Building The Behemoth: A behind the scenes look at set and prop builds. 
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