Burn Notice Season 3.5 (PREVIEW)

Burn Notice

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009
Did You Know?

The series premier reunites Sharon Gless with former Cagney & Lacey partner Tyne Daley.

Burn Notice returns to finish out its third season as Michael (Jeffery Donovan) gets tied up with a vicious con man and plays a dangerous game of cat and mouse with an infamous black ops sociopath. Along with his mother (Emmy Award Winner Sharon Gless) and his few trusted friends, Sam (Bruce Campbell) and Fiona (Gabrielle Anwar), Michael must navigate being used by the very people who blacklisted him all while trying to stay out of sight from the FBI.

Not having been up to date on Burn Notice I was afraid that going in I was not going to be able to connect with the show. I was wrong. Burn notice, despite having a main plot running through its core has always been a show that can put out stand alone episodes, every episode dealing with some new job, the series premier (A Dark Road) is no exception as the details of where the show left off are interweaved into the start of a new job that introduces the new villains of the season. The introduction of a new character, a black ops sociopath who remains one step ahead of Westen and his crew, who might be responsible for legendary assassinations is a great one providing a threatening cloud of mystery and really setting Westen up for a challenge. The season looks to be jam packed with challenging villains and situations that should please fans and get new comers to go out and snatch up the show from the get go. Burn Notice remains the show to watch. Enjoy.

AJ Garcia
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