Case In Theory: Cinematic


(Case In Theory)
Release Date: 
Saturday, January 21, 2012

Case In Theory is a grassroots Progressive Rock band that fulfilled their dream of putting out into the world their first full length album thanks to fans who donated funds to make the record happen. It’s always nice to come along a story like this that finds the community supporting something they love and allowing someone to do something they love for the community. The album, Cinematic, delivers.

Cinematic almost sums up the way in which you’ll see and hear this music. Lyrically it’s insightful and has plenty of depth. These aren’t just songs repeating the latest anthem words the radio knows they can get you to listen to, these are songs about people and places and universal embraces of the emotional type. Singer Jonathan Posdas delivers each word with conviction in his voice and a decent enough range to change the wavelength of each word to fit the emotional connection between his voice and the songs lyrics. While it is a real bummer that the lyrics are not provided (more then likely they could not have been worked into their donated budget) every word is decipherable in the albums mostly clean delivery.

If you’re familiar with Progressive Rock you know it can exist on many different plains. While Case In Theory is mostly a rock act some of their stuff here flirts with Contemporary Rock. Sometimes the album can be flat out rocking out and then it can be more ballad like with a softer tone, a positive for me since, as I stated above, the album is filled with emotional ups and downs. The mix is pretty good but I did have some problems with some of the guitar work. At about 1:40 on track four, Run Like Hell, the guitar here becomes a bit monochromatic until about the 2:47 mark. It becomes a bit grating but for the most part it’s all good. Well worth having a listen to over at the bands Bandcamp Page. Enjoy.

AJ Garcia
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