Cat Doorman: Songbook


(Cat Doorman)
Release Date: 
Tuesday, February 19, 2013
Did You Know:

Track 3, Effervescing Elephant, is a Syd Barrett cover.

It’s not uncommon to find musicians who live a double life as both music makers for adults as well as children. Julianna Bright is one of those musicians, having led her indie band The Golden Bears to two album releases, and now releases her kid music debut with Cat Doorman’s “Songbook” featuring members of her band as well as members of the band The Decemberists.

Some might find it strange that I actually anticipate hearing new children’s music. I find that we are in the golden age of kids music as artists have moved on from the midi orchestra and paltry repetitive lyrics about learning and sharing. These new visionaries have more to contribute with folk style songs that build entire worlds around moral stances and life lessons. The lyrics avoid that patronizing cold feel of yesteryear and inject a warmth that is made even more real by a crafting of complex backing music and hand drawn art covers that tie everything together.

Songbook is such a collection, containing 14 tracks of original and traditional songs (12 of which are originals) that go beyond the good intention based songs that drill morals and monotonous civil behavioral lessons into kids. Bright incorporates messages of love and hope with folksy tales that inspire courage and self-esteem while maintaining a world of fun and adventure with a sound parents are going to love listening to again and again. It’s something for everyone and so easy to listen to. I highly suggest.


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