Charlie St. Cloud

Charlie St. Cloud

In Theatres: 
Jul 30, 2010
Running Time: 
100 minutes

Zac Efron is most known for his role in High School Musical but with that now over, he's hoping to break out of his Disney persona and into a more serious one. Charlie St. Cloud is a film that focuses on life, death, and second chances. Oh, and Zac Efron. Let's not forget that it focuses on him...a lot.

Charlie is your average high school teenager. He's about to graduate and pursue his passion in sailing with a college scholarship. Things are looking great until one night, him and his younger brother end up in a horrific car crash in which he is the only survivor. Now he is torn between two worlds and able to communicate with the dead.

The film plays out like an grownup version of The Sixth Sense. Charlie is the only person able to see and talk with the dead so there is a bit of ambiguity in the fact that the audience might not be sure if the person he's talking to is really there. Unfortunately, it's fairly predictable in telling who's dead and who's alive.

Zac Efron is the star of the film and director Burr Steers making sure everyone knows that. There are plenty of dreamy closeups of Efron's face and his bright blue eyes. Just look at the poster and you'll see what I mean. Oh, and there is no shortage of him getting wet either with the story taking place on the coast. It's almost as if the film was him just say, "hey, look at me and my hot bod." It's no doubt that girls will flock to see Charlie St. Cloud because of it. As for the guys, it's ample time for a quick nap.

Overall, it's very difficult to recommend the film. The story is very predictable and the cast is largely forgettable. It honestly wouldn't surprise me if M. Night Shyamalan teamed up with Nicholas Sparks and wrote the script. After watching Charlie St. Cloud, t's weird to imagine that Efron turned down the lead role in the Footloose remake for this. Big mistake.

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