Dayseeker: What It Means To Be Defeated

What It Means To Be Defeated

Release Date: 
Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Hailing from San Diego, the rock outfit Dayseeker recently released their debut album What It Means To Be Defeated courtesy of InVogue Records. Lead by frontman Rory Rodriguez, this hard rock group may be incorrectly labeled as simply another screaming band by some critics. However, Dayseeker's ease of switching between intense and mellow tracks along with above-average production lifts What It Means To Be Defeated out of the crowded rock landscape.

The initial track that got my attention was "Collision Survive" featuring the first example of Rodriguez' clear singing and the aforementioned top-notch production on the album. Even as tracks go from heavy to soft and styles change from screaming to clear, the music never overpowers Rodriguez and vice-versa. With some angelic guitar work, the softer "Dead Man" would certainly be right at home in regular rotation on a modern rock radio station. The band gets even more emotional on the sad number "The Home We Built" where Rodriguez laments that "I should have fought for you when I had the chance..."

Although the album doesn't contain any outright stinkers, there were a few questionable stylistic choices made. On "What It Means To Be Defeated" the soft instrumental at the beginning is paired with muffled screaming in the background. I admire the creativity, but it just comes across as weird. Ditto for "Incinerate" which starts off with a frenzied pace that eventually deteriorates into a gentle piano. Neither of the tracks are anything to be embarrassed about and I give the band kudos for trying out new ideas in a genre where a majority of groups can't even make an album where all the songs don't sound similar. What It Means To Be Defeated comes recommended for both hard rock and modern rock listeners.

Cody Endres
Review by Cody Endres
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