Degrassi Goes Hollywood (PREVIEW)

ALso guest starring are Vivica A. Fox, Kelly Carlson and Hey Monday's Cassadee Pope

Degrassi is a show that I always meant to get into but "The N" network is not exactly the easiest to tune into or to find, if you are even lucky enough to have it on your cable or satellite.  The only reason I had any interest in the show is because of Kevin Smiths vague involvement (he directed an episode and might serve as a producer or something, it's not really relevant).  So, the show is over but this screener came in for a TV movie.

I finally had my chance to watch this show and, I was not really all that impressed.  I don't know if it is because it's a TV movie extension of the show or what but it really plays off like an ABC Family version of an actual teen show. 

The highpoint of the show is the brief guest spot by the aforementioned Kevin Smith and his constant cohort, Jason Mewes (filming a High School Mewesical - why can't this be real?).  All of that is completely spoiled (as is the rest of the movie) by a horrible turn by the ever annoying Perez Hilton, even outdoing the normally annoying Pete Wentz who comes off as a genius next to Hilton. 

Lauren Collins' Paige steals the entire movie in a performance that far outgrows the realms of this series.  Cassie Steele's Manny is hotter than a hot...girl that's too young and Jake Epstein comes off as a big dole lump, seemingly unwanting to reprise his role.

Acting, story, filming and everything in between (save for Collins) is not the greatest.  But, regardless of that, it's somehow still a little bit of fun, even if it is dumb fun.  I wouldn't recommend going out of your way in any stretch of the imagination to see this movie but, if you are a fan, go ahead and tune in (or at least DVR it).  Not a fan of the show?  Dont' start here.

Peter Oberth
Review by Peter Oberth
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