Downtown Struts: Victoria


(Downtown Struts)
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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

90’s rock and roll, that’s what the band Downtown Struts sound like one their album Victoria. This is alternative music when alternative music was actually good, with a lot of energy, while having a fun beat to it. Though that energy and fun that’s in the songs also are what make the songs sound like the band are all over the place. Thought I was liking the energy that the songs have, they also sound like a big mess. I didn’t hear any cohesion to the songs as they were being played. It’s as if the members where just playing a basic idea of a theme for the instruments while the vocals of Dan tried to keep the pace.
Not that it’s a completely bad performance, I really do like a song that has energy in it and these songs sure have an abundance of it. Now since I had no clue who this band was I looked on their Facebook page to find out who the members where and in the info section they list themselves as being a punk band. Here’s the problem with that, their songs have non of the edge, grit, or angst that make punk what it is. It takes more than just the chaotic sound of fast instruments and a loud lead singer to make a punk song. What I didn’t get from Downtown Struts, which would have helped make them a punk band, is a statement in the songs.
What is the point to the lyrics and why are they singing about it? That outcry that make punk rockers punk, it’s not in the songs, at least not from what I was listening to. Aside from that missing rebel sound Downtown Struts are fun to listen to. If I were a teenager again I would have been out of my seat doing that non-dance dance jump that goes well with the chaotic music like this. This music is good for one thing, jumping and gyrating around while just getting the feel of the music and forgetting about what is actually being sung.

Lee Roberts
Review by Lee Roberts
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