Elvira's Movie Macabre Double Feature: I Eat Your Skin and Night of the Living Dead
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Two movies on this one disc feature that is hosted by the legendary Mistress of the Dark herself, Elvira. This double feature of 'Elvira's Movie Macabre' features the movies "I Eat Your Skin" and "Night of the Living Dead". These movies are hosted by Elvira with her tongue-in-cheek style humor that gives these B-movies enough charm that they can be watched more than once.

I Eat Your Skin:
Writer Tom Harris (played by William Joyce) is offered a job that will take him to a mysterious island that has more women then men but also has zombies. Though it will take more than some voo doo and zombies to stop Tom Harris from going to Voo Doo Island.

Night of the Living Dead:
It's starts at a cemetery where the brother and sister Johnny (played by Russell Streiner) and Barbra (played by Judith O'Dea) are approached by a man who turns out to be a zombie. Running for her life Barbra ends up in a house with a group of people that are all trying to survive the night and not be ate by zombies.

These two movies are great to watch just for the simple fact of seeing what is a good low budget horror movie and what is a bad one. Lets start with "I Eat Your Skin", the one that's bad. Here the acting is choppy, the editing even more choppy, and the cheesy music that's played as the actors seem to just be talking on screen to fill time. This is one of those movies that is only watchable because it's so corney and poorly made that it's funny. What makes this movie even more fun to watch is the pop ups at the bottom of the screen by Elvira as she makes some quirky funny remarks about that moment in the movie. If not for Elvira doing this I would have been banging my head against the wall while watching this.

Now for "Night of the Living Dead", the one that shows how to make a horror movie about zombies fun to watch and suspenseful. George A. Romero knows how to put together a movie that's actually worth watching. This is one of the better early zombie films with some decent editing where it there's no huge jumps between scenes, acting that makes the characters so realistic that I believe that their actions would be how some people would really react, and though the zombie make up is just some gray painted faced people it has a good amount of scary to them.

With the remarks that Elvira makes on this DVD I was laughing a lot. This is not a DVD that's just 2 movies where she's hosting but rather two movies from Elvira hosting her tv show that airs a movie. Because of this there are commerical breaks in the movies that feature the skits that are put on by Elvira, which is what makes this worth watching. It would have been a lot better though if instead of just a few pop ups through-out the movies that Elvira makes she was giving her witty remarks during the whole movie. Yeah, I know nothing new, but it's always funny and Elvira knows how to make a funny comment and even better that we can see her face when does it. Other than that I loved watching these two classic B-movies being made funny by Elvira.

Lee Roberts
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