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Tuesday, June 7, 2011
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101 minutes
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Being a teenager is hard enough, being a teenage girl that's homeschooled is even harder, but being a 15-year-old  girl that's been possessed is impossible. With each passing day Emma (played by Sophie Vavasseur) is loosing  control of herself and moments of time. She don't know what she does in these blank moments and she can't explain  why it's happening. When her mother finds her cutting herself in their bathroom they rush her to the hospital  thinking that she's just depressed about being a stay at home teenager. It doesn't take long before her symptoms  get worse to the point that she's hurting everyone around her. Emmas parents Lucy (played by Jo-Anne Stockham) and  John (played by Richard Felix) don't know how to help their daughter but they see her floating above the kitchen  floor they get the help of Emmas uncle, Priest Christopher (played by Stephen Billington). Even with the help of  Priest Christopher, Emma might not be saved from being possessed.

Making a good movie about someone being possessed is tough, it's a style of movie that can be filmed wrong very  easily. Having the right cast is an important key, making sure that there's enough death in it to make it look like  the devil is at work, giving enough evil actions in it but not too many, giving enough realism in it to make it  feel like it could happen to you, and many other factors all work together to make a good thriller/horror movie.  'Exorcismus' (or as it's known on imdb.com La posesión de Emma Evans), has been able to do a decent job at being a  good horror movie about a girl being possessed.

At first the movie starts off way too slow, even though I know what's going to happen in the plot, it took nearly  40 minutes before the story to actually begin to unfold. I kept waiting and waiting for something to happen but  nothing was going on except showing this one girl having some problems and not knowing what she was doing. It was  just boring to watch. But, once the action started where the character of Emma was causing all sorts of trouble for  the people around her when she gets taken over, I got drawn into the movie. What makes this movie work and what  made me enjoy it was that it's not a gore flick. There's enough blood shown in this movie to give it a horror movie  feel to it but not so much where al that's seen is the blood. 'Exorcismus' is not a gore fest, nor a death filled  movie but one that has a nice balance of gore, pain, and death to make it a thriller as well as a horror movie.

Though I did enjoy watching this movie, it could have been a shorter legnth. Most of the action that happens is  underplayed and takes a little while to occur. Not only is the plot slow but there are moments in the movie that I  couldn't understand. Like here this girl is possessed by the devil, her parents know this, the priest knows this,  they are trying to save her, yet they allow her to walk around freely doing some mean deeds. For someone that's  possessed I would think that she would be kept under lock and key not to be allowed to wonder around like she was  just having headaches. Still, if she was tired down through the whole movie it would have been boring or short but  it would have seemed more realistic. However, the movie is a decent thriller/horror to watch. The actors give a  good enough performance to allow me to not be annoyed with watching them, especially with the character of Emma  being played by Sophie Vavasseur, who gives the best perfomance out of all the actors with the worst being done by  the father John played by Richard Felix. Bottom line though, what makes 'Exorcismus' watchable is why Emma is  possessed. Though the ending is left wanting it was ok enough to not hurt the total outcome of the movie.

Lee Roberts
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