Girl Fight

Girl Fight

On DVD: 
Tuesday, April 17, 2012
Running Time: 
90 Minutes

 Girl Fight, starring Jodelle Ferland and Anne Heche, is about a high-school girl who ends up hanging out with the wrong crowd and she is betrayed by them in the end.  Haley is the smart girl at her high-school.  The good girl, who makes good grades, skipped a grade level, has all the answers and has already been accepted into college.  She is best friends with the local nerdy girl at her school which the cool kids always pick on. 


By happenstance, Haley gives a favor to the cool kids one day while she is at work at a local eatery.  After that, she was ‘allowed’ to hang out with them and of course, she ditches her best friend along the way.  Alexa, played by Tess Atkins, the ring leader of the cool kids, finds out that Haley has been talking ill of her and her friends online; she takes the lead to plan vengeance on Haley.


So, Alexa and her group jump Haley one day after confronting her about the internet posts.  They jump her and put her in the hospital.  So the storyline portrays the struggles on how to fight the fact that she was jumped.  How her family reacts.  Her mother, played by Anne Heche, and her father want to prosecute to the fullest but Haley is struggling with her feeling it was her own fault.


In the end, justice was served, but in my opinion the sentencing was wrong.  Girl Fight is based on a true story and I can’t imagine that in the real world, the sentencing would be so light for such a horrendous crime.  Haley suffered permanent physical damage because of the fight.  The movie was great to me, until the end.  The ending was sugar-coated at best.  It is a Lifetime movie though; maybe that is what Lifetime viewers expect…

Zione Michaels
Review by Zione Michaels
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