Gossip Girl: Season 4 (PREVIEW)

Gossip Girl

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Let’s recap the end of last season real fast before plunging right into the preview of season four. Jenny dealt drugs, tried to hook up with Nate, slept with Chuck, & then decided it was time for some new scenery so took her leave for awhile. Blair found out about Chuck & Jenny and left Chuck right there on the spot. Chuck was planning on proposing to Blair; but after having his heart broken he stumbled around until one night he was attacked, shot, & left for dead. Serena had her Daddy troubles. Rufus & Lily have marriage issues a lot. And finally who can forget a pregnant Georgina showing up at Dan’s front door? Now that we are caught up time for season four.

A whole summer has passed so things have had time to play out without the audience seeing. There were a lot of cliffhangers at the end of the last season (see above) but the show takes its time and puts the bulk of the focus on Blair & Serena finishing up their summer in France. Slowly you will begin to learn what happened from Dan & Georgina’s baby to Chuck being alive or dead. Jenny is mentioned quickly in passing as still being away, not surprise seeing at The Pretty Reckless have been touring.

Still though with all those things coming to light the episode was kind of boring. It felt more like a mid-season filler episode setting things up for sweeps than a premiere episode. They even waste maybe 5 minutes showing store front after store front with Gossip Girl reading out loud designer name after name in a montage. I know fashion and name dropping has always been part of the “Gossip Girl” way; but when you have teased at a baby & a death it is such a waste to have this going on. It gave the appearance that the writers are perhaps unsure where to take the show now & just needed to kill some time as they slowly begin to flesh things out. The last 5-10 minutes the story finally begins to pick up some; but it was kind of disappointing to watch.

The 2nd episode picks up close to where the premiere ends off. Blair & Serena come back stateside after an odd encounter with someone from their past in France. Blair and Dan both try to figure out their love lives (separately no way these 2 are getting together). Nate decides to try and capture Serena’s attention by making her jealous. More truths about just what happened to Chuck and why start to come out and of course in standard “Gossip Girl” fashion lies begin to make their way to the light.

This episode is stronger than “Belles de Jour” but it still feels like it is a warm up phase. There are numerous story setups that could lead to more drama in future episodes; but the cliffhangers from last season that promised the same sort of drama have quickly been wrapped up without too much effort. Could these just fizzle out as well?

Fashion is a big role in the show so based off of the first 2 episodes here are some trends I noticed.
-    Shoulder pads are back. Almost every jacket worn by a girl sported them
-    Blair is seen in numerous above knee dresses, that were fitted at the top and flowy at the bottom. Most had light, summery prints.
-    Vanessa is in mismatched shirts & pants with loud clashing prints and colors.
-    Serena is seen in a lot of shiny gold and pleated higher wasted pants that are more flowy at the bottom in bright colors (imagine hammer pants meets runway & you will get an idea).
-    Purses have chain straps.
-    The guys are in plaids or are given a very European style or in some cases both.
-    There is a HUGE absence of thick black eyeliner this season. Seems Taylor Momson took every stick she could find on set with her on tour.

These two episodes were middle of the road for me and at times very blah. There is promise of things to come but I hope that it picks up soon. I am also hoping that they are able to keep the show new & going but without pushing the boundaries so far that they jump the shark. IMO they have already come close on several occasions. Several celebrity guest stars, an episode based around Lady Gaga music, and finally now a baby being introduced. If not handled right that will just drag the show right down. At this moment “Gossip Girl” is a bubble show for me. If things don’t start to happen soon, and the continuous on again off again romances between Dan & Serena and Nate & Serena don’t level off this is destined to become a show that sits on my DVR until I get sick of them cluttering things up and erase them without watching.

Review by Pandora
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