Grey's Anatomy: The Complete Sixth Season

Grey's Anatomy

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010
Season Seven:

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Its been awhile since I’ve given Grey’s Anatomy a second look. How long you ask? I gave the first season a shot, and while I enjoyed it, Ellen Pompeo just didn’t stand out to me as an actress for such a dramatic role. So revisiting the series in Season Six I was surprised how little screen time she was given but more so how well fleshed out the cast was, even during a transition state for the show. For those not in the know some veteran characters will eventually be gone, the hospital is merging with another which means both hospitals staff are colliding, and of course the usual drama. In short I went in expecting nothing more then what I already knew the show as and came away impressed.

The Complete Sixth Season is what you would come to expect from a prime time drama on ABC. Relationships are being tested and swapped between characters, it’s a medical drama so there are several tense sequences of sometimes unbelievably convenient medical emergencies, and of course a dialogue driven spark that moves the show along. What made this season amazing were the pivotal events. As I’ve already pointed out the hospital is merging with another and a hefty dose of fresh faces come on board forcing the shows veterans to fight for their jobs. Its believability that makes it great. The stress of not being able to perform your craft as a surgeon and losing the people who have come to know your habits and be there on the spot for you before you need them being laid off. Then there’s the pressures of life. Which should come first love or the job and is it even possible to do both at the same time? Grey’s Anatomy went, for me, from this silly little show that played off of the most overdramatic events to this very serious very well fleshed out show that, even coming in this late, supplies so many great characters that you can easily fall in love with and invest yourself in. The season finale of season 6 was the pinnacle of it all though. Albeit the very end was a bit clichéd the last few episodes kept you on the edge of your seat and the room silent. Truly a must see season that works as a perfect stand alone or in for new viewers.

Bonus features in the set include:
*Extended Finale which was absolutely amazing.
*Dissecting Grey’s Anatomy - Unaired Scenes.
*In Stitches - Season Six Outtakes. 
*Chandra Wilson (Dr. Miranda Bailey): Anatomy of Talent
*Seattle Grace: On Call - 6 Webisodes

The set is in 5.1 Surround Sound with French and Spanish Subtitles in Widescreen Format Enhanced for 16x9 Televisions. 

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