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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Guyver has spawned many variations from the original 12 OVA's to the live action films the first which starred Star Wars alum Mark Hamill.

Guyver fans have been clamoring for it and now its here, Guyver, finally on Blu-Ray. I’ve heard people compare Ben 10 to it, where is Ben 10 finds a watch that transforms him into many aliens with different powers, Guyver is about a kid who finds a Guyver unit that attaches itself to him enabling him to transform into the Guyver and has many powers. I got the comparison as well as a Matrix vibe, especially with all the Agent Smith types from Chronos popping up all over the show.

Don’t be fooled, the opening sequence for the first episode of Guyver has some issues, there is a bit of white static in the background in some scenes, but as soon as this sequence is over the image becomes almost impeccable for the remainder of the series. The picture is vibrant making the most out of color and detail. The only real problem is that the detail seems to struggle against the HD giving the edges a frayed look. For example in one scene as the camera focuses in on a few guys in a classroom the legs of the desks do a little dance trying to adjust to the fine clarity or some characters outlines look slightly pixilated struggling against the high def accuracy of their lines. Still, FUNiamtion has to be proud of this transfer as it looks perfect if your not scrutinizing the little details. Sound quality (Dolby TrueHD 5.1) is fantastic, flawless, giving a nice balance to the sound effects and battle sounds while managing to level out the dialogue so its not drowned out by everything else. It also makes great use of your surround sound system putting the action in all corners of the room.

*Episode 1 commentary with Guyver fans Rod Peters & Jack Glauser
*Episode 13 commentary with Lowell Bartholomee (Tetsuro) & Charles Campbell (ADR Director)
*Episode 23 commentary with Chris Patton (Sho) & Charles Campbell (ADR Director)
*Episode 26 Commentary with Chris Patton (Sho), Lowell Bartholomee (Tetsuro) & Charles Campbell (ADR Director)
*Manga to cnime comparisons (Episodes 1-26 with choice of English dub or Japanese with subtitles)
*Production Sketches (10-minute slideshow with music)


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