GZA: Pro Tools

Pro Tools

Release Date: 
Tuesday, August 19, 2008

GZA aka Genius aka Gary Grice, most notable for being one of the founding members of the Wu-Tang Clan, has released his 6th solo album, Pro Tools. It features old school rap with some featured artists.

Titled after the computer music software of the same name, the album has a freestyle aspect that you don’t really see from many of today’s popular rap artists. This is both a good and a bad thing. It’s good because the genre really fits that style perfectly. The bad part is the repetitive music. Each song has about a 5 second track that loops over and over again. It fits with the lyrics but can get annoying rather quickly. The lyrics themselves are great. It would seem like GZA is speaking from experiences, basically from the heart sort to speak. Overall, it’s a good rap album. It’s better than much of the current stuff out there and has a more traditional feel to it so I would suggest checking Pro Tools out if you are in the mood for something different.

Matt Rodriguez
Review by Matt Rodriguez
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