Hell Girl: Carp (Volume 5)

Hell Girl

On DVD: 
Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Ok so I grew bored with this show many volumes ago as each one is pretty much the same. While the reasons for wanting revenge may differ all the episodes ended up with someone being wronged and eventually sending the person that wronged them to Hell with Hell Girl’s help. But when I started this volume I caught a few things that could make it different and finally change the story up some.

There is a challenger to Hell Girl as Hell Boy approaches and attempts to have a face of with her. Having come back from the grips of Hell, Hell Boy possesses great powers and feels that he could indeed stand up to & defeat Hell Girl. But alas there is a short battle and it ends just as you would expect. So let down number one. Next comes when the reporter finally gets to a young girl that is considering using Hell Girl for revenge. He manages to make a decent argument against it and it seems that finally someone will fight off the urge to take such extreme measures for revenge; but once again it ends in the normal way.

It really is a shame that such a beautiful anime can not get a little more creative in the storyline. I personally have no clue why anyone would still be watching it at this point. But if you are one of the few bonus features include: “Top Secret Hell Conference”, textless songs, and trailers.

Review by Pandora
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