High Horse: Self-Titled


Release Date: 
Tuesday, November 13, 2012

High Horse has put out a CD that includes 7 tracks that are a indie rock/rock/pop rock style song. The band consists of 3 guys that have all 3 doing vocals as well as playing instruments. The 7 songs keep a steady beat throughout the length of the song and have a decent amount of fun energy to the songs. There is a lot of talent in this band that’s can be easily heard in the songs they are playing. Though as much talent, energy, and decent beats that the band has, the final outcome to the songs are not that great.

With almost every song on the CD there is this sound as if someone is recording this in a tin can. There’s this tinge of a twang sound to the vocals and instruments being played. If High Horse was meaning to have this sound on their songs then they just ended up hurting the song. However, if not, the songs have been poorly edited where the sound mixer for some reason has put out a CD that sounds like it could have been recorded in a tin can.

Aside from that annoyance of having a metal twang sound to the songs, I found that the band High Horse was actually pretty good. If there had not been that twang sound to the songs I would have been more impressed with what I heard. These songs are performed with a lot of energy by guys that seem to really love playing music. The fun they must be having is coming through the songs making me want to like them regardless of that twang sound.

With the 3 guys doing the vocals they sound pretty well and keep the beat with the songs. What I like the most though about the CD and the saving grace, is how the songs are different from one another. Not one time did I get the urge to fast forward to the next song. The tempos are a steady rhythm with good beats that are backed by vocals that if they could get rid of that sound of being put through a edit machine, High Horse would be a really good band. The songs are just fun to listen to because they are so full of energy, because they sound different from one another, and having vocals that keep in tune with the songs but also keeps the beat with the songs. If High Horse gets rid of that twang of editing sound in the songs this would have been a really fun CD to listen to. With that twang sound, it just got annoying even though the songs are otherwise good.

Lee Roberts
Review by Lee Roberts
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