Hitched Or Ditched

Hitched Or Ditched


Ever known a couple that have been together too long? Why haven’t they tied the knot yet? What’s taking them so long? The CW presents a show that hits these questions head on by giving couples one week to get their affairs together and either get hitched or get ditched.

I have learned to abhor reality television. Its mostly just a spotlight to allow celebrities or non-celebrities the opportunity to let their freak out and get some recognition that usually grows stale over time but somehow manages to stick around long after it expires. Hitched or Ditched is a welcome relief to the reality show genre. The show is intelligent in that it captures people at their best and at their worst and offers those who have been considering marriage but weren’t quite so sure a real blueprint for coping with the process.

The episodes I watched both took place in Charlotte, North Carolina and both were extremely powerful episodes that pulled no punches and for that I have to respect this show even more. I found myself yelling at the screen, becoming (maybe to) involved with the couples and or one or the other of the two in the relationship. At the end of both shows I found myself clapping and shouting insults at the villains in the episodes, and you’d be surprised who they were and why they were so villainous. This is quality television (or of what I have seen) which remains simply a platform that offers no interference and just allows life to happen. Very powerful stuff. Having been in a relationship with my wife for nearing 17 years now I probably connected better then say your average single person but I think once you start watching the show you’ll realize its got a lot less to do with marriage and simply more with how people behave. Obviously a must see on my list. Enjoy.  

AJ Garcia
Review by AJ Garcia
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