Home Run Showdown (BLU-RAY)

Home Run Showdown

On Blu-Ray: 
Tuesday, August 21, 2012
Running Time: 
94 Minutes

Life in a new town is tough for 12-year-old Lori (played Kyle Kirk) but having to live with his aunt because his mother is dead and his father is in prison, life for Lori is near impossible. All Lori wants to do is find a way to impress his father and he finds out that he can do this by making it on the baseball team that will make it to the Home Run Derby being aired on TV. Only problem though is Lori has to make it on a team and with the elite coach Rico Deluca (played by Dean Cain) picking the kids, Lori doesn't stand a chance of being seen by his father. Unless he and the other misfit kids are able to convince Rico's brother Joey (played by Matthew Lillard) to coach their team but can these kids get Joey out of his self centered, slacker lifestyle and take responsibility for himself and these kids?

Home Run Showdown is yet another of the oh so many movies that features a plot of kids that are horrible at playing baseball trying to make the little league so they can achieve something that only the best of players can get by going up against the team that always wins. There's also the coaches, the good, understanding, wanting to teach the kids a lesson that baseball is more than just winning it's a symbolism for life and having fun, while the opposing coach, the bad one, is a hardnosed coach that drills his team into machines that want nothing but to win and will go to any lengths to win. Of course the kids are the essential rooster, the underdog team that features the lead kid who seems like he would fit in and be the cool kid yet he is treated like an outcast and can't play baseball, the girl who plays better than any boy but isn't allowed to because she's a girl, and the overweight kid who is the comedian of the group and is so bad at baseball that if he got better he would still suck at baseball. On the other team there's the popular kids that always make fun of the other kids for being different and taunt them because they can't play baseball.

I saw this movie before I even watched it because of the plot is one that's old and used. Sometimes it works; sometimes it ends up being like Home Run Showdown. I really did want to like this movie, after all this plot is used so much because it's usually fun to watch with having the misfit kids beating the undefeated kids, which for me I was the misfit kid so these movies always make me feel a little bit better. However, this movie has the elements for that kind of movie but it ended up having too little of some points and too much of others.
While the movie itself is fun because of the plot it's the characters that fell short for me. With this sort of movie the main characters consist of the kid who wants to play but can't, the coach who no believes in, and the other coach who seems to have everything but is rude, mean, and cheats. Which, this movie does have but the problem is I was supposed to like everyone except the bad guy coach and his team. However I didn't care for most of the characters in this movie. Lori the main kid was always getting angry at the wrong people, he had a goal that seems ok enough but he goes about getting it like one of the kids from the other team rather than the kid who is good but has to work hard for it. Then there's coach Joey, who never felt like a coach, even after the kids get him to want to coach, he still felt like he was being forced to coach and forced to act like he was wanting to be in the movie. Aside from a few moments where Rico was acting mean, I thought he would have been fine in being the reluctant coach. There's also that fued going on between Joey and Rico that got on my nerves. Oh I know it makes for a good plot element but the problem is the reason why they fight takes too long to be told.

It's an ok movie, one that might make for a good family film to watch with the kids that are around the same age as the ones in the movie. In fact I'm sure those kids will love it and so will the parents, it might even bring up some memories for the adults and remind them of the baseball movie they watched when they was a kid. For me being a single adult with no kids, I found Home Run Showdown mildly amusing with good intentions but it's trying to hard to be the likeable underdog movie.

I think what I noticed the most about this Blu Ray was how the colors had a nice natural look to them. The colors are not over saturated but they still look sharp. There are a few instances where grain and noise can be seen in the picture, especially in the dark areas, but it's not that bad. Considering that this film is a low budget film, its picture quality is surprisingly good; in fact I've seen some bigger budgeted films that look worse then this. What I didn't like was having no bonus features on this disc. I'm sure there had to be some gags or bloopers that the kids did, especially the actor Matthew Lillard, but nothing was put on here to add on to my viewing that once this movie was over, that was it, I was finished.


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