House M.D.: Season One

House M.D.

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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Dr. Gregory House is an odd doctor that doesn’t exactly like dealing with patients; but he does like an intriguing case. He and his hand picked group of doctors take on the most difficult cases. And when he isn’t trying to figure out puzzles behind odd diseases he is giving patients that don’t need to be there a hard time.

The first episode I wasn’t sure that I would like House. Dr. House comes across as un-relatable and egotistical; but as the episodes progress you start to like House’s upfront attitude. You need to have a fairly strong stomach for this show though, they do show some drilling into bone, long needles going places among other things. While I did enjoy this show there were a couple of things that bothered me. One of the biggest is that almost every case is solved by someone not involved mentioning some odd comment that gets House thinking and bam the case is solved. Another thing that might bother some DVD coinsures is that this release is not anamorphic widescreen and the DVD’s are double sided. Special features include Dr. House, Medical Cases, The Concept, Set Tour, House-isms, and casting session with Hugh Laurie.

Review by Pandora
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