House M.D.: Season Two

House M.D.

On DVD: 
Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Well it seems that season 2 fixed the problem of House talking to someone, them mentioning something in passing, and him coming up with the diagnosis. So with that said this show still follows what the first season did. Enter patient with problem, bickering between House and the others, a couple of failed attempts at a cure, patient gets closer to death, and then House to the rescue.

I guess there has to be said something about the acting and witty constant banter that keeps fans from growing tired. In the case the DVD’s are overlapped and there is episode summaries on the packaging.

For bonus features you have “An Evening With House” which is a panel discussion with the cast and executive producers, commentary by David Shore & Katie Jacobs for “Autopsy” & “No Reason”, alternate takes for “Daddy’s Boy” & “Sleeping Dogs Lie” (the cast are valley girls), a blooper reel, and “It Could Be Lupus…” which is a montage of clips showing how often they thought it could be well.. Lupus. Anyway I’m sure fans don’t need me to say this, hell I’m sure they didn’t even read this; but this one is a buy.

Review by Toby Blake